Thursday, 14 November 2013

Help. Stand. Be Brave to Make a Difference

No Matter How Little the Actions are  yet the Impact could have been so Big to move hearts. Start now and make a difference.

World Vision is one of the outstanding charitable foundations known Internationally, they have branches out as well as locally, particularly Philippines. The organization’s vision is to promote a catalyst of change on children’s lives through the “Sponsor a Child” program. My understanding, the foundation is different from being an orphanage, for the child is under their natural / biological parents’ care and protection. Most of the cases, these children are living in an urban area and their parents means to make a living is not sufficient. Thus, “Sponsor a Child” is a mechanism of providing financial security / donation to a particular child, in a certain area. Locally, these certain areas are: Leyte, Cavite, and Isabela. While as to International, may check the World Vision site, and the areas to be donated for are divided through regions, Asia, Africa, and etc.   

This time, World Vision has expanded its ways and means on how the donee could send their donations to the beneficiary. Prior, the donation method was limited to availability of credit cards, but today it may be made through or directly to banks (in the Philippines, Metro Bank, BPI, and BDO). 

Here is how:
(1)  World Vision Philippine site’s link:
(2)  On the  upper buttons may found a SPONSOR A CHILD next to HOME buttom, in the same page may found the Learn About Child Sponsorship link. For example; Means to ensure that the cash donated has been well accounted for.
(3)  After clicking the SPONSOR A CHILD link, it will direct you to the buttom, “Where do you want to help”? and the “GIVING” portion which may opt from the following amounts: 600, 1800, 3600, and 7200 all amounts are in Peso.

(4)  Then, hit the ie. SPONSOR THE CHILD IN ISABELA
(5)  Quite a trick, after entering the email address, you’ll be receiving note “email address error”. It was not a true error, after keying-in the email address, hit ENTER, before clicking the CONTINUE button.
(6)  GIVING methods, choose the most comfortable means on your end. Either made it through credit card or go to the bank and directly send the donation. Account numbers are in the same site.
(7)  After which, expect to receive a THANK YOU FOR SPONSORING.

*Make sure that the e-mail address that was provided was true and accurate to get an update from the sponsorship.

A disclaimer, I’m not in connection with World Vision and this write-up is a volunteering act to share the word to everyone or anyone interested to help nations. This is by no means to violate any policies or owning of anything, goodwill or business trademark, only an expression of freedom of speech, information, and expression. Furthermore; should any query arise, please course it through directly to World Vision. Thank you.

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