Sunday, 3 November 2013

Amour Propre, Self Love

Hello, Everyone! If you are feeling berserk or depress, stop from rolling in your bed, get-up and fix all your shit together. One study mentioned of, “it is okay to be sad and if it goes beyond a period of 7 days, then you are probably, almost depress”. Being happy is what your mindset dictates you, aside from the fact that dark chocolates can stimulate oxytocin.

If you believe that contentment makes you and me a joyous person, then it’s probably a classical belief. How can you be contended when change and tax are the only permanent things in this world, learn not to be attached, especially with the material and inanimate object. They may be important because they’re luxurious and fancy but look at the simple things and inner peace within you. It is not a million cost of BMW, raining diamonds that make you achieve that level of surreal and unconditional happiness, it is finding yourself, your purpose, and putting value to yourself. Self respect.

Remember, smile is zero cost at all, unless you are paid to model a designer red lipstick. So, when you’re down, why not force yourself to face the mirror, and start to fake a smile. No matter how bizarre it could get, I bet, that it will somehow doze you up and uplift your spirit, bit by bit.

Another study indicated that your kind of music tells a whole lot about your personality. I was surprised to learn that people whom are “Rock n Roll fanatic are those that are calm and sweet within.” Enough to nostalgic classical instrument is to intelligence. So then, there is no harm if you could get a little crazy inside your room, and sing Best Song Ever of One Direction, loud as you can. Everybody’s voice is beautiful, especially so, when you believe that it is. Learn when and how to critique yourself, need not to be perfectionist all the time. Despite, remember, not to be a nuisance to your neighbors; otherwise, you’ll get a household ticket for being noisy.

To end this, I’m terribly amazed with my favorite Violinist, Daniel Jang. Here is the link of his cover of Lourd’s Royal. For sure, you’ll love him too. 

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