Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Other Side of Burghers

The Other Side of Burghers
I rode a bus this morning, thought it would serene and peaceful because it’s been drizzling, and I been imagining of nothing aside from sleeping. Till when, I heard the conductor's sarcastic quipped with one of the passengers. He said "kids are not allowed to sit in front, especially when riding private vehicles". I said to myself "oh okay, so what is really your point?” 

Minutes left, when I have finally gotten the message of the conductor. It is when: a kid came across, standing tall in the middle front of the bus, holding a wallet in his’ bare hands showing a picture of a young boy wearing a graduation suit while smiling innocently. And then, the kid begun talking "Ma'am, Sir, if you may excuse me, I just want to ask you for a small amount of alms for my brother, he just died and we need money. We need money to bury him nicely and that is why I am asking of your kind help". Then, he began walking, offering and opening widely his’ wallet instead of empty envelops for donations. It is quite noticeable that none have given alimony at least in the area on which I have occupied. A reason of might be: because most of us have felt the same sentiment, the kid’s words were all fiction, his’ tawdry costume didn’t much help to his’ made belief story. It was a good written script by whomever and that he was good by memorizing the lines and by performing well.

It was time for me to go down the bus because it is finally De La Rosa. The bus' first stop if destination is to be Lawton bound. When the conductor told the kid "You go down here and look for your dad. You keep on riding and riding busses". 

The incident was just sad because most of these street children are now being taught not to be learned in such a right way of schooling. But, they are being hauled to be syndicates of life. I am happy for his’ mother that she had borne such intelligent and smart kid that was too young to memorize make believe stories to appeal for passenger's pitiful emotions. He had been a good actor in his’ own little ways. He does have enough confidence and courage to ride busses alone. But, I felt bad for his’ parents, because they have succumbed a wrong way of raising their kids and by using them to an easy access remorseful everyday living.

Suddenly, I raised a vague question to my mind, what if something bad happened to these kids. Will their parents be feeling sadly or joyously? Will they ever miss them like a real parent would do?  

I was an ante to RH Bill. I understand that this bill will be providing an easy medical access to every women of our society may she be married or unmarried. Only that, I cannot stop thinking that RH Bill may be tantamount of producing prostitutes and ill cases of abortions. However; it is a fetish if I will say that there is nothing wrong in status quo. It is a society’s psychological denial that we are “already” solving the issue of street children. If truth be told, so long our populations are increasing; a number of street children are increasing as well. And that, these dire situations are calling for a right and easy access of family planning, which is tantamount of having an opportunity of acclaiming better education.

November 2011, Philippines’ was ranked Number One of a better place for Women to live, in the sense of gender equality. RH Bill might be one of the future factors to have this top notch score maintained in our hands. But, our policy makers and implementers have to keep in mind to not be abusive of this bill in case this will be pursued. Lastly, this bill is not vying to be discriminatory in nature by saying people in D sectors, the lowest in the pyramid, are the main contributors of why we are surmounting the number our population. Because, this particular sector, are lacking the knowledge of family planning. Again, as our Statutory Construction keeps on reminding us, the “intent of the author” is what is fitted and needed to the current state of our society.    

Written by: Maech Medina (Please send your comments to Thank you.

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